About Your Bill

To better serve our customers, ADCO Services has made our invoices easier to understand. In the past each manifest required for a generator to make a shipment based upon the various waste streams generated were billed each on a different invoice. We have changed our invoice structure to allow everything to appear on just one bill. Customers may still request to have invoices generated in the old manner, by creating invoices per each manifest generated simply by notifying ADCO Services prior to billing. Below is an example of a new ADCO Services invoice with description explaining our bill below that.

Bill To: This box represents where a customer has requested a bill to be sent. Often times invoices are not destined to the same locale as the pick up. Please indicate where invoices are to be sent by notifying ADCO Services prior to shipment.

Pick-up Location/Contact: This box indicates where the shipment was made and who the point of contact was during shipment. Please notify ADCO Services of shipment location and point of contact prior to shipment.

PO Number: This box indicates the valid purchase order number given to ADCO Services by the generator. If your company requires purchase orders in order to make payment, a purchase order number must be given to ADCO Services prior to shipment. This box may also contain a person's name who approved the quotation/bid, or even the quote number. In the example above the PO Number given to ADCO Services was B9887.

Terms: Unless otherwise quoted, ADCO Services offers clients payment terms of Net 30 days. Customers may pay C.O.D. to receive a discount. In the example above the terms were Net 30 days.

Due Date: Indicates date when a payment to ADCO Services is due. In the example above the due date was June 3, 2005.

FEIN#: Indicates ADCO Services' Federal Employer Identification Number.

Account #: Indicates customer's number assigned to a specific location by ADCO Services. On radioactive manifests this number will appear at the top of the 540 form to the right of box 5. (shipment I.D. number). In the example above, this generator's I.D. number assigned by ADCO Services was 6111.

Serviced Column: Indicates dates ADCO Services made pick-up/drop off at a customer's facility. In the example above this customer was serviced April 29, 2005.

Description: Indicates what was shipped. This column may also contain quotation numbers referencing what was shipped. In the example above this customer shipped a 10-gallon drum of sealed sources, which were billed accordingly to a quotation given by ADCO Services in 2004 (Q04) and the quote number was 100.

Tracking #: Indicates a shipment number. On 540 radioactive manifests, this number will appear in box 8 at the top right hand corner of the page. On hazardous waste shipments the number used is a serial number generated by the state or U.S. and usually appears on hazardous shipping documents at the top portion of the page. In the example above the tracking number was on a radioactive manifest, manifest number 05-0100 S.

Quantity: Indicates the amount of material pertaining to a certain line item was shipped. In the example above the quantity shipped was 1.

Rate: This is the rate at which a line item is charged. In the example above this customer's rate was a basic number assigned to an entire inventory of sources which prompted quote Q04-100.

Amount: Indicates the subtotal to a line item.

Security and Insurance Surcharge: Due to the ever rising costs of operating in this industry, we have been forced to add on a 5% surcharge described on invoices as Security and Insurance. Instead of ADCO Services raising our prices on every waste stream across the board, we have decided to not change our disposal costs thereby minimally affecting our customers. This surcharge was set in place to cover our extreme insurance costs from insurance companies continuously raising rates on providing insurance for no reason, as well as the recent measures that have had to be taken with company vehicles, and facilities to increase security since September 11, 2001. This surcharge also helps us cover our exorbitant fuel charges as well as recent toll hikes that many states have placed on their roadways, which have severely affected ADCO Services as well as our colleagues  in this industry. We will however still strive to offer our customers the most competitive pricing available for any given waste stream!

Please note that California customers are required to pay a California sales tax on supplies sold. This rate may vary county to county.

If you have further questions regarding your bill please call and one of our associates will be happy to assist you!

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