Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have waste to dispose of, what do I do?

Answer: Go to the request a quote page and follow the instructions from there. Forms to assist you in receiving a quotation are available on the Forms page. Regular customers only need to fill out the waste inventory report and supplies needed form as listed on the Forms page.

2. When will you be coming to my area?

Answer: ADCO Services typically services all areas of the country on a monthly basis. Due to processors we use being located all over the country, we will frequently visit every area of the country and can schedule your pick-up as needed with little notice. Your pick-up will be scheduled on a "milk run" basis to save you money. Dedicated runs to a customer's facility require special pricing and will require a special quotation. Call to find out when we are scheduled to be in your area.

3. Must I have a purchase order number prior to my pick-up?

Answer: If your company requires PO's in order to make a payment, then the answer is yes. Some companies generating waste on a regular basis may be inclined to create a "standing" purchase order which is valid for the entire fiscal year.

4. The state is coming in for an inspection and wants to see that I properly disposed of my material, what do I do?

Answer: At the time of pick-up, the ADCO Technician will leave you with a signed copy of the paperwork showing that you have had the material removed from your facility and is destined for disposal. Once received at our facility, copies of the signed in 540 form for radioactive wastes will be sent with your invoice, showing you that your material was received at our facility. The signed manifests should suffice for any inspection. Copies of "DC's" disposal certificates are available, call to get a copy.

5. Does your facility offer us the ability to do a site audit?

Answer: Yes, please give us notice though.

6. How do I receive a copy of your license?

Answer: Call (708) 429-1660 and one of our associates will be happy to fax you a current copy of our license.

7. How do I know if I need a South Carolina Permit?

Answer: Basically, only customers generating sources that cannot be incinerated need to apply for a South Carolina Permit. Customers with items such as plastic flood sources, liquid vial sources, plastic check sources, and other incinerable type of sources typically do not need to apply for a South Carolina Transport Permit. Call us to determine if your facility will be required to purchase a permit if unsure.

8. How long does it take to get a South Carolina Permit?

Answer: Typically the state is very good about processing permit applications and usually does not take more than a month or two to approve a permit application. You may call us to check the status on your permit.

9. Who do I make a check out to for a South Carolina Permit?

Answer: Your check needs to be made out for $200 to the State of South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.

10. How do I determine if my vials are deregulated or regulated?

Answer: Vials containing only H-3 and/or C-14 with levels of less than .05uCi/ml are considered deregulated. Vials containing other isotopes or levels higher than .05uCi/ml are considered regulated and must be disposed of as regulated vial waste.

11. If my vials contain flammable constituents, will they still be considered deregulated?

Answer: As long as you have not exceeded the level of .05uCi/ml in regards to the radioactive isotopes of H-3 or C-14, your constituents will only affect whether the waste is now hazardous. If your waste contains hazardous constituents and is still below .05uCi/ml, then the waste is still considered deregulated, but is now considered to be an organic deregulated. When this situation forms the waste must now not only be shipped on a radioactive manifest, but also on a hazardous waste manifest as well. ADCO Services can further answer any questions you may still have about this type of situation as well as drum markings/labeling.

12. I do not understand how to fill out my waste inventory report, what do I do?

Answer: Simply call ADCO Services' office and an associate will guide you through the process of filling out the form.

13. I don't know how to package my waste what do I do?

Answer: A copy of ADCO's waste packaging instructions are available for download on the Forms page.

14. I am in the Rocky Mountain Compact do you service this area?

Answer: Unfortunately at this moment we do not service any states located in the Rocky Mountain Compact. We can recommend companies that do service that region. All other states in the "lower 48" we do service.

15. Do you service customers in New York City?

Answer: Yes. We have worked on jobs over the years we have been in business in Manhattan, as well as the other boroughs of New York and look forward to doing more business in "The Big Apple".

16. Does ADCO Services offer supplies?

Answer: In most cases we can offer you the supplies you need in order to complete your pick-up. Call to find out if we have the supplies you need available.

17. One of your competitors told me you are going out of business, are you?

Answer: NO! Numerous customers have called us asking if we were going out of business because they heard a rumor going around that we were. This is completely false, truth is that we are busier than ever before and are looking to expand our types of services offered to customers nationwide to begin offering "One-Stop Shopping". Periodically check this website and you will see more services offered being added onto this site as well as the site itself growing page by page everyday. The rumor about ADCO Services going out of business is simply that, a silly rumor and an un-ethical business ploy that was made up to get your business! We at ADCO Services do not engage in these unethical practices of making up rumors against our competition and never have . We wish them all the best of luck in all their future endeavors and even look forward to doing business with them one day. We have been in business for 40 years, and are still standing strong. We look forward to another 40 years!

18. I was told by a competitor of yours that you only accept waste in steel drums, is this true?

Answer: Again no. This is another silly marketing ploy that was made up years ago about ADCO Services by one of our competitors. We will accept your waste in any D.O.T. approved container. See our supplies page for more information.

19. I have smoke detectors to dispose of what do I do?

Answer: First off, DO NOT remove the radioactive sources out of the units! Removing the source out of the unit only creates great difficulty in disposing of the material and increases your price substantially. Instead leave the detector in-tact and place them inside of a drum with a liner in it. Call ADCO for a quote.

20. I have an odd shape/large unit housing a source which needs to be disposed of, what do I do?

Answer: ADCO Services can offer various packaging types/solutions to meet D.O.T. requirements. We can remove the source out of the housing, or simply remove the whole unit from your facility. Items such as scintillation counters, monitoring units, thickness gauges, etc. are common to pass through our facility for disposal and we can offer those services to you as well. Call for more information.

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