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ADCO ServicesADCO Services, Inc. is a waste management company that specializes in the, transportation and disposal of radioactive material and radioactive waste, as well as hazardous material and hazardous waste across the U.S. since 1965. ADCO Services is a full service company which provides: radioactive waste disposal and hazardous waste disposal service, waste brokerage, and environmental consulting services for radioactive wastes and hazardous wastes such as: self luminous exit signs, radioactive animal carcasses, scintillation vial / fluids, radioactive sources, radioactive smoke detectors, dry active waste (low - level paper, plastic, glass lab trash), mixed waste disposal, naturally occurring radioactive materials & compounds, and hazardous waste disposal for: universities, industrial settings, places of research, medical fields, as well as much more in the continental United States.

Additionally, ADCO Services developed specialized services in NRC manifesting & paperwork preparation (NRC 540/541/542 forms), preparation of hazardous waste manifests (U.S.D.O.T. Hazmats) and Landbans (Land Disposal Restriction Forms), decontamination and decommissioning (D&D), emergency response assignments, health physics services, training programs, and sealed source (gauge and device) services such as: wipe testing (leak testing services), source disassembly's, source removals, and source disposal, as well as proper handling, treatment, and disposal of naturally occurring radioactive items such as: Thorium Nitrate, Uranium Nitrate, Uranium Acetate, and Radium.


Supplies for hazardous waste disposal servicesADCO will accept low-level radioactive waste (LLRW) and hazardous waste in any type of U.S.D.O.T. approved package from: cardboard boxes, (“excepted packages”), up to and including Sea Land containers. This includes fiber drums of any size, pails, metal drums ranging from 10-110 gallon, Super Sacks, even poly-bags, (with advance notification). No matter what your packaging preference, ADCO stands ready to satisfy your needs. See the Supplies page for more information.

ADCO Services' attention to customer service, innovation and flexibility to customize its services; coupled with a corporate commitment to quality and value, makes us one of the most competitive, dedicated, and efficient radioactive waste brokers and hazardous waste disposal companies in the United States. Since 1965 we have helped thousands of waste generators dispose of their special wastes.


Hazardous Waste and Radioactive Waste Transportation

ADCO Services Fleet of Trucks for waste transportationADCOM Express. Inc, our sister company allows us to transport hazardous waste and radioactive wastes for pickup and deliveries into processors/disposal sites, lab moves, as well as we can transport general commodity across the United States. With a fleet of well maintained trucks that are properly licensed and insured, and over a million miles logged since ADCOM's incorporation, ADCOM Express, Inc. is ready to accommodate your transportation needs in any city no matter how difficult to travel through due to traffic difficulties or poor weather conditions. ADCOM Express, Inc. services all cities across the United States year round including: New York City, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Miami, and more.




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