Low - Level Radioactive Waste Disposal (LLRW)

Low-Level Radioactive Waste DisposalADCO Services, Inc. is radioactive waste disposal company that is licensed to pick up for disposal, low-level dry radioactive waste (LLRW) also commonly referred to as DAW (Dry Active Waste). Contaminated dry laboratory waste and even radioactive scrap metal contaminated with radioisotopes constitutes the waste to be DAW and is ADCO's specialty of radioactive waste management services offered in The United States since 1965.


Common types of radioactive waste ADCO Services accepts under it's radioactive waste disposal program are: paper, plastic, and glass (PPG) which have been contaminated with radio-isotopes, animal carcasses used in laboratories, radioactive scrap metal, irradiated metal, absorbed liquids, solidified liquid (rocked), and much more. PPG is most common type of low-level radioactive waste sent for disposal with ADCO Services, but is not the only form of DAW ADCO Services handles for disposal. Whether you are wanting to dispose of contaminated metal, ductwork, or even building debris; ADCO Services can assist you.


Radioactive lab trash ADCO Services will accept DAW in any U.S.D.O.T. approved container; such as disposal of DAW in a B-25, cardboard boxes, fiber drums, steel drums, and even super sacks! ADCO Services does not require customers to segregate wastes into separate types such as paper in one drum, plastic in another drum, and glass in another drum. ADCO Services simply asks that you segregate each drums by whether they are incinerable or not. ADCO Services can also offer no disposal volume waste treatment through combustion for your DAW thus greatly reducing any liabilities to you!


ADCO Services' knowledgeable staff is able to assist you with the packaging of your radioactive waste to assure D.O.T. compliance. Our staff is fully trained in the fields of packaging requirements for radioactive waste streams, paperwork preparation, and monitoring of packages containing low-level radioactive waste.


Radioactive wasteADCO Services, Inc. will accept the following types of Low Level Radioactive Waste (DAW) (AKA: LLRW):


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