Radioactive Mixed Waste / Scintillation Fluid & Vial Disposal

Mixed wastes and radioactive mixed wastes can exhibit both either two types of hazard classes and/or radioactive isotopes and hazardous constituents. Sometimes scintillation vials, scintillation media, and bulk liquids will fall into this category as well. With mixed wastes and hazardous scintillation fluids which sometimes contain Toluene, Xylene, or Acetonitrile, certain packaging and disposal requirements as well as manifesting must be met before such waste can be shipped for disposal.

Such requirements such as the paperwork preparation and profiling into a processor can be difficult and time consuming and with time constraints set forth by state and federal agencies, generators of this waste may find it problematic to ship these very special wastes. Approval for the disposal of mixed wastes and scintillation vials at a processor's facility can further elongate the entire process and set you in violation with regulatory time limits.

If you have mixed wastes or scintillation vials that may or may not be hazardous, contact ADCO Services to aid you in the disposal this waste stream. Our experts will take the complexity out of the process of finding a way to dispose of your mixed waste and/or scintillation fluids by contacting and working with numerous processors across the U.S. to find the best disposal outlet for this waste stream. If you are unsure of what constituents are present in the waste stream, ADCO Services can offer you sampling services to further help identify what hazardous constituents may be present in the waste. Request a quote

Our daily contact with processors who handle mixed wastes, aqueous liquids, scintillation cocktails, bulk liquids, etc. allows us to quickly get approval and pricing information for you. The disposal and transportation of this waste stream will be handled safely and efficiently as all other types of wastes through ADCO Services.


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