(Contaminated equipment being safely off-loaded at ADCO Services' Illinois facility, Oct. 2004)

Our commitment to customer service has made us what we are today, one of the country's largest and most respected handlers of radioactive and hazardous waste! 


1. Supplies: Everything you need to correctly package radioactive / hazardous waste is provided. Drums, liners, approved absorbents, lime, etc. 1. Saves you time in placing orders and receiving separate shipments, as well as money savings in your indirect costs and through our volume purchases.

2. Labeling and Paperwork: All shipping and disposal manifests as well as labeling of drums are completed, or checked, by our technicians at the time of pickup.



2. Gives extra quality assurance and aids in double checking to keep you in regulatory compliance.


3. Trained and Helpful Personnel: Our pick-up personnel are more than truck drivers. Each driver is also a trained and certified disposal technician, knowledgeable in packaging procedures, labeling, NRC/DOT requirements, and in safe loading, bracing, and transporting of radioactive and hazardous wastes.


3. Provides effective help with your radioactive / hazardous waste pickups and gives confidence in proper handling of each load.


4. Technical Back-up: Our Technical Services personnel and health physics personnel at ADCO's headquarters are readily available for phone consultation for any questions or unusual problems.  


4. Provides assurance of comprehensive service to meet all your radioactive / hazardous waste needs.


5. Written Instructions & Special Services: We provide comprehensive written instructions for proper packaging and labeling of radioactive / hazardous waste by your personnel. Alternately, we can arrange to package the waste for your facility, if this special service is requested for quote.

5. Aids in training your personnel and keeping current with changing requirements. Offers flexibility for special needs.

6. Experience: ADCO Services, Inc. has not only been in the radioactive / hazardous waste disposal business for over 40 years, but also has provided these unique services to some of the most prestigious names in research, medicine, and industry throughout the United States, from the smallest to the largest.

6. Wide ranging experience means more practical understanding of your particular situation, as contrasted with disposal groups who specialize in segmented markets or only in large volumes or projects.


7. Well maintained vehicles: Because all ADCO Services'/ADCOM Express  owned vehicles are checked regularly for maintenance related issues you can rest assured that your waste will be traveling down America's roadways on board a reliable vehicle.

7. Assures that your waste will be onboard a vehicle that will safely be able to deliver your waste to it's destination.

8. Licenses and Permits: ADCO Services is fully licensed by the State of Illinois and the USNRC. We are also hazardous waste permitted in all states we serve.


8. This provides full confidence that all required licenses and permits are in order. Most chemical waste transporters or disposal firms are not licensed for transport of radioactive waste or "mixed waste", and not all radioactive firms are permitted for "mixed waste" transport in all states.

9. Insurance: ADCO holds all statutory required vehicular insurances, workmen's compensation insurance, general liability insurance and premises insurances.

9. Full coverage insurance gives peace of mind that all phases of handling and transporting your radioactive waste are covered.


10. Unbeatable Value and Economy: Because of our size, the volume of the waste we handle and our low overhead costs, we have always been one of the lowest priced disposal services in the entire United States.



10. The bottom line of total costs is always important in budgets. We work with you to deliver the best possible services and value at the most attractive prices.


11. Attractive Terms and Billing: Our terms are designed to save you even more money, with a 2% discount offered for payments made within 10 days of the invoice date. And you are billed only AFTER pickup of waste or delivery of supplies. Plus, you are billed only for what was picked up or delivered.


11. Giving attention to details that can save you money, time or bother. This does add up in providing an overall most effective and valuable service. It also shows our positive attitude toward customer service.



12. Supplies: Full line of packaging, supplies, fiberboard boxes, drums, absorbents, labels, pallets, shrink wrap, and manifests. We have it all!



12. Allows “one-stop-shopping”.



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