ADCO Services, Inc. will accept low-level radioactive and hazardous waste in any type of U.S.D.O.T. approved package from cardboard boxes, (“excepted package”), up to and including Sea Land containers. This includes fiber drums of any size, pails, metal drums ranging from 5-110 gallon, Super Sacks, even poly-bags, (with advance notification). No matter what your packaging preference ADCO Services stands ready to satisfy your needs.

Empty containers of nearly any sort can be purchased through ADCO Services for a nominal charge. Supplies can be shipped to you at your expense, or delivered to you free-of-charge at time of pick-up of waste. Supplies are normally replaced free-of-charge on a one-for-one basis for all ADCO customers at time of waste pick-up. You may also choose to purchase your own supplies. We will even recommend vendors for your supply needs!



ADCO Services Can Offer The Following For Your Waste Disposal Needs:

10, 30, 55, 79, 85, 110-gallon steel drums

Fiber drums and boxes

Poly Drums

We also can offer superfine, bags, lead pigs, B-25 bins, Super sacks, Over Pack Drums for Bulk Liquids, Plastic Carboy Containers, and Totes.


Whatever your packaging requirements, ADCO Services is here to serve you.

To order supplies

Or Call: (708) 429-1660