Radioactive Tritium (H-3) Exit Sign Disposal / Recycling


Self luminous radioactive Tritium H3 exit signs also known as self powered exit signs are sometimes used in facilities such as hospitals, universities, and office buildings where electrical lines are difficult to run. These self powered exit signs typically use Curie amounts of Tritium (H-3) contained in glass tubes to illuminate the lettering on the exit sign. If you find yourself asking, "What do I do with a radioactive exit sign?" or "How do I dispose of a radioactive exit sign?" remember this, Tritium, while not overly harmful to humans, must be handled properly to avoid Tritium contamination. It is of utmost importance that signs be handled with care to avoid breakage of the glass tubes located inside the exit sign housing containing the Tritium. These signs are to NEVER be thrown away in the regular trash! Let the experts at ADCO Services who have handled the disposal of over 10,000 radioactive exit signs throughout ADCO's history take the hassle out of properly disposing of your radioactive exit signs.

Frequently questions are asked as to what to do with radioactive exit signs during the period of time where the signs have been removed from the wall or ceiling and are awaiting a pick up for disposal. We ask that you place the signs in a secure location where they won't be dropped (usually in a corner in a box or cabinet) or tampered with by anyone. If you have a sign which is broken, the sign should be handled with Nitrile or Latex gloves and placed in a Ziploc bag large enough to safely hold the sign with the bag closed placing the gloves inside the bag. This will reduce chances for Tritium (H-3) contamination. Once signs have been placed in a secure location, call ADCO Services to schedule a pick up.

ADCO Services will assist you with the proper Tritium (H-3) exit sign removal and disposition / recycling. ADCO Services will send personnel to your facility that have been trained in the proper packaging, paperwork preparation, transportation, and disposal/recycling of your self luminous Tritium (H-3) exit signs. ADCO Services can also accept broken or damaged signs. Please call today for details!


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