Unique Radioactive and Hazardous Waste Items

Compressor DisposalOften times customers that decide to do some "spring cleaning" come across items that are out of the ordinary and will require much research and difficulty to dispose of. These items may be piping contaminated with naturally occurring radioactive material (N.O.R.M.) or old lab equipmentVarian Linear Accelerator no longer in use such as obsolete scintillation counting machines which may contain calibration sources or Radiotherapy Linear Accelerator machines which may contain Depleted Uranium or irradiated metals. Whether the unique item you wish to dispose of is the size of a quarter or the size of a small building, ADCO Services stands ready to serve you! We have helped customers across the nation in removing these items that one would not dispose of on a daily basis in the radioactive or hazardous waste industry for over 40 years.

Tank Disposal Tank RemovalAt ADCO Services our staff is fully trained in the fields of packaging requirements and transportation of these strange, large and extremely heavy items. ADCO Services is fully licensed and equipped to handle these items and we are in daily contact with disposal outlets that accept these types of items. ADCO Services offers consultation for the disposal of these items making the often tedious task of determining what to do with something a much easier process. We offer free quotations on these items, so call today and allow one of our experts help you dispose of your unique waste.


Packaging Methods for Unique Hazardous Waste Items

There are many proper ways to package these unique items to be in compliance with D.O.T. regulations. One way that is common to transport these types of items is to simply shrink wrap the item to the point of where the item being disposed of is air tight not allowing for any leakage of possiblLinear Accelerator Heade contaminants. Then fasten the bulky item down onto a wooden pallet with metal banding using a banding tool to assure this item is secure and will not move during shipment. Show me an example of proper packaging for these items.. Our techs can aid you in this process and will apply all the proper markings and labeling. We also offer supplies such as B-25 bins, sea and land containers, as well as crates that may be able to contain a large bulky item. Call or e-mail ADCO Services for more information on proper ways to dispose of these types of items. Request a quote


Contaminated Equipment

(Moving a contaminated lead safe weighing 35,000 lbs., Oct. 2004)

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