Uranium / Thorium Acetate and Nitrate Disposal / Recycling

Uranyl Acetate Uranyl Nitrate Thorium Nitrate Disposal

(Solid and Liquid Uranyl / Uranium and Thorium Acetates and Nitrates pictured above)

Uranyl and Thorium compound waste (Usually labeled Uranyl Acetate, Uranyl Nitrate, Thorium Acetate, and Thorium Nitrate) also known as N.O.R.M. waste (Sometimes labeled as Oxidizers) are typically found in the academic environment used for demonstrations in Chemistry classes, but have also turned up in the industrial setting such as government entities such as Water Treatment Plants. Many times, Th-232 and U-238 (Thorium 232 and Uranium 238) have been sitting in storage for many years leading those who discover the NORM waste also known as compounds to ask, "What do I do with Uranyl or Thorium Nitrate?" "Are there any companies that can dispose of my Uranyl Acetate and / or Thorium Nitrate?" ADCO Services has been serving customer's needs for Uranyl Acetate and Uranyl Nitrate as well as Thorium Nitrate and Thorium Acetate disposal since 1965 from ADCO Services' centrally located Chicago, Illinois facility.

Uranium and Thorium compounds should not be left to sit in storage as they can sometimes oxidize, lids can become loose, and contamination can be present on the outsides of the bottles or contaminate a workspace or storage cabinet. Compounds such as Uranium and Thorium should be handled with care and ADCO Services' personnel is trained in the proper disposition of U-238 and Th-232 wastes. Let ADCO Services prepare your paperwork and ship your Uranyl and/or Thorium compounds for disposal to a licensed radioactive waste processor today.


Common Types of N.O.R.M. Waste Accepted for Disposal:

Chemistry Demonstration Kits

Depleted Uranium (U-Dep)

N.O.R.M. Solutions (Mixtures of Aqueous Liquids or Hazardous Liquids)

N.O.R.M. Waste Produced during Hydrofracking

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Ore

Oxidizers Such as Nitrates

Thorium Acetate (Th-232)

Thorium Nitrate (Th-232)

Uranium (U-238) (U-Nat)

Uranyl Nitrate (U-238)

Uranyl Acetate (U-238)

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