Are you aware that ADCO Services, Inc. offers transportation services of radioactive and hazardous wastes utilizing it's own transportation company ADCOM Express, Inc.? We offer services such as lab moves, transport jobs of waste direct to a processor, and transportation of lab equipment. ADCO Services frequently offers special low pricing for "regular" customers, however can offer anyone pricing schedules specifically designed for your needs to save you money! Request a quote

When you ship your waste with ADCO Services you can rest assured that your waste is traveling safely down America's roadways on our company owned trucks from time of pick-up, to delivery at a processor or disposal site. Every driver has been thoroughly trained and certified as a qualified Driver/Technician by ADCO Services. This training includes radiation training, 40-hour OSHA training and hundreds of hours of training "in the field". Every driver at ADCO Services must pass a written test, U.S.D.O.T. physical, and possess a clean driving record. 

Unlike other firms hauling nuclear waste who utilize outside trucking firms, ADCO Services has control of your waste from beginning to end through the utilization of ADCO Services' sister company, ADCOM Express, Inc. We feel this is an important consideration in light of the world situation today. By giving your waste to a regular trucking company you are accepting an un-necessary risk and creating a risk for others. With ADCO Services, we reduce the risk to you and America! 

At ADCO Services, the safe transportation of your waste is of the utmost importance to not only you the customer, but to us as your transporter. It just makes good sense to entrust your waste to the firm that has been transporting radioactive and hazardous wastes on it's own vehicles for over 40 years. Our trucks have logged over 10 million miles safely while transporting special wastes since 1965.  

The shipment of your radioactive or hazardous waste is too sensitive of an issue to allow it to be transported by a regular trucking company by drivers that have little if any training in the safe handling and transportation of these unique wastes. Remember, according to federal law YOU are responsible for the waste you generate, from “cradle to grave”, and that includes the transportation of that waste.  

Why not give your special wastes to the experts? You’ll be glad you did!

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