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James P. Bell, Jr., Facility Manager ADCO point of contact for waste disposal sites and processors. Point of contact for quotation of waste disposal. E-mail:

Call: (708) 429-1660, X-16

Cell: (708) 845-2760

Wayne Jordan, Customer Service, Accounts Receivable ADCO technical and operations manager, scheduling and quotations E-Mail:

Call: (708) 429-1660, X-12

James P. Bell, Sr. - President

General Information about ADCO

For inquires about ADCO Services, Inc. E-mail:

Call: (708) 429-1660, X-19

Accounts Payable Payment of invoices E-Mail:

Call: (708) 429-1660, X-10

Main Telephone: (708) 429-1660        Fax: (708) 429-9759