Insurance is so important today! We live in a litigious society in which multi-million dollar lawsuits involving shippers of radioactive or hazardous wastes are not uncommon.

As a shipper of these types of wastes you should demand and expect that any firm handling your radioactive, hazardous, or biomedical waste carry insurance sufficient to protect you in the event of a mishap involving your waste. We are such a firm.

Our insurance coverage includes the following:

General Liability Insurance

We provide coverage under a $5 million policy.

Pollution Liability Insurance

This valuable coverage is also provided under a $5 million policy.

Truck Liability Insurance

All vehicles operated by our firm are insured to statutory limits as required by the US Department of Transportation for transporters of hazardous waste and materials.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

All personnel are protected by Workers' Compensation Insurance to statutory limits.

Certificates of Insurance for any of the above policies will be provided upon request. As a shipper of waste with ADCO Services you may also be added to our policies as an "additionally insured".

Insurance coverage is a "value added" benefit with ADCO Services and it is a benefit that is included free-of-charge to all our customers!

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