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In today's throw away society it comes as no surprise that much of what is sent to the landfill could most likely be reused in some Photo of Landfillway and in some cases make you extra money in the process! Sometimes however what is cashed in for scrap value may be contaminated with radioactive isotopes too and in either case ADCO is able to assist you.

Did you ever think of what you or your company could do to become more environmentally friendly or if there is a company out there that can assist you with becoming more "green"? Well ADCO Services, Inc. is here to help.

With today's rising energy costs Americans are faced with a number of decisions as to what they can do to become more energy conscious/conservative, not to mention what they can do to help hold the costs of energy production down leading to many people turning to cashing in on scrap metal.

Numerous cities and villages across the nation have also taken their own measures by creating ordinances regarding disposal of recyclable materials discouraging or restricting residents and businesses from throwing away items containing metals or potentially hazardous materials all together. These very programs were organized in an effort to combat the trouble the planet is in if we don't do something quickly and stop being so wasteful of our planet's precious non-renewable resources.


Here are a few surprising facts about recycling from the US EPA. Scrap Metal


At ADCO Services we are doing our part to help our planet by making sure your scrap metals are properly disposed of and in the event your scrap metal turns up "hot" meaning contaminated with radioactive material / radioisotopes where it is setting off a gate monitor at a scrap yard or pegging your hand held Geiger counter, our staff is fully trained in how to properly handle, transport and dispose of radioactive metals as well. ADCO is here to help you with all your scrap metal needs.




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