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South Carolina Waste Transport Permit South Carolina Transport Forms  
Illinois Permit Application Illinois Permit Application Illinois Permit Application. PDF

ADCO Services Waste Inventory Report   

Waste Inventory Report.xls

Waste Inventory Report.pdf

Supplies Needed

Supplies Needed.doc

Supplies Needed.pdf

Perma-Fix / DSSI Mixed Waste Profile (A signed original must be mailed to ADCO Services, Inc. within 72 hours)

Mixed Waste Profile.xls

Mixed Waste Profile.pdf

Tritium Exit Sign Disposal ServiceFor quote on Tritium (H-3) exit sign disposal radioactive self luminous exit sign disposal information chart

For quote on nuclear gauges / radioactive sources complete source information form

* A current leak test certificate must be provided prior to scheduling pickup of sources

* Photos of sources, housings, machines sources are contained within will expedite quotation process

To obtain a copy of ADCO Services' waste packaging instructions

To view proper packaging for a bulk-liquid drum

To view proper packaging for a dry-waste drum

To view proper packaging for a vial drum

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