When requesting a quote for disposal of radioactive waste or hazardous materials, please be sure to include all of your contact information including name, telephone number, facility name, address, city, state, and zip code and e-mail all quote requests to:

Source Shielding Unit

If you have an inventory or photos that can be attached to the email, please do so. A good example of a photo which would be helpful to us in determining pricing for a customer is the one located to the left of this paragraph. If a photo is not available, please include as much information as possible. To prepare an accurate quotation for you, we need to know as much information as you can provide. Please use the list below to help you understand the information we require which will help us in giving you the best and most competitive price possible.



Dry waste (LLRW) (DAW)

Physical form (i.e.. paper plastic glass, metal, animal or biological, size and number of containers, isotopes and activities)



Is the material vials or bulk, hazardous or non-hazardous, size and number of containers. If the material is hazardous, then please list all constituents that are present.


Radioactive Sealed Sources / Nuclear Gauges

Isotope, activity, brief description (i.e. check source, rod source etc.) if a leak test is required, has one been taken recently? If source is a industrial gauge, is it still mounted or will it be taken down? Do you require assistance in taking source down? What is the size of the source? Is the source plastic, epoxy, metallic, etc. Please fill out our source disposal information form and e-mail at:


NORM Waste (U-238 & Th-232) (Uranyl Nitrate, Acetate, Thorium Nitrate and Acetate)

Type of material you have and volume in either grams, kilograms , liters, pints, gallons, etc.





Please list make and model numbers of machine as well as any pictures you can send will be beneficial in getting you the most accurate quotation. We also request that you list dimensions of machine.

Mixed Waste / Scintillation Fluids and Vials

Size and number of containers, isotopes and activities, percentage of constituents, which constituents are present, EPA waste codes present.


Phone: (708) 429-1660