Waste Disposal Services Available at ADCO Services

Cesium Seeds Radioactive Sources


-Ballast & Universal Waste Disposal


-Company Overview (Benefits to Using ADCO Services)


-Decontamination and Decommissioning 


-Fluorescent Bulb Disposal


-Hazardous Wastes Accepted for Disposal by ADCO


-Hazardous Waste Disposal


-Hazardous Waste Transportation     


-Mixed Waste Disposal - Disposal of mixed waste streams and bulk liquids.


-Radioactive Dry-Waste Disposal (LLRW)


-Radioactive Smoke Detector Disposal


-Scrap Metal Recycling/Disposal


-Sealed Source Disposal & Nuclear Gauge Disposal


-Self Luminous Tritium Exit Sign Disposal


-Supplies for Hazardous Waste Pickups


-Unique Items - Items such as old laboratory equipment such as scintillation counters, refrigerators, meters, safes, shields, etc.


-Uranium and Thorium Nitrate and Acetate Disposal



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