SCDHEC Application and Instructions

This page will assist and guide you through the process of applying for a South Carolina Waste Transport Permit. In bold blue lettering are links which will open pages that will need to be completed in order to obtain your South Carolina Waste Transport Permit. If your web browser has a pop-up-blocker, you may be required to disable the blocker to view the pages you are attempting to open.

Please take your time filling out the form as any mistakes will only delay processing!

1. SCDHEC Instructions This link will allow you to open the instructions you will need to read prior to completing your application for the South Carolina Waste Transport Permit.  Print out these directions as they will aid you in completing your form.

2. SCDHEC Permit This link opens the DHEC Application form. This form will need to be completed fully and signed.

3. You will need to download and complete the South Carolina insurance letter. Listed below are two different style formats of insurance letters. Depending on what state the waste was generated in will determine which link you will be required to use. Be sure to print the insurance letter twice as two copies of the completed and signed letters must be present with your South Carolina Waste Transport Permit.

If you are located in one of the following states: South Carolina, New Jersey, or Connecticut.

Please print and complete form:  Insurance Letter


If you are located in any other state than the 3 listed above. 

Please print and complete form: Insurance Letter

4. Please download a copy of the disposal agreement which will be located within the link listed below this paragraph. You will need to save the form to your hard drive,  print out the form, and complete the disposal agreement letter. The disposal agreement will need to be attached to your application.

Disposal Agreement

5. Please download, print, and complete the Generator Certification Letter which can be obtained by clicking the link listed below this sentence.

Generator Certification

6. A check will need to be made payable to SCDHEC for $200.00. TWO photocopies of the check must be enclosed with your application as well as the check itself.

7a. Please staple one copy of the SCDHEC Application, 1 copy of the check, and one copy of the insurance letter together.

7b. The second copy of the SCDHEC Application, and the check itself must be stapled together.

7c. Lastly the third copy of the permit,  insurance letter,  disposal Agreement, generator certification, as well as another copy of the check must be included with copy number 3 and please staple those together.

Please mail items 7a, 7b, & 7c to:

ADCO Services, Inc.

ATTN: Len Warbiany

17650 Duvan Drive

Tinley Park, IL 60477


8. Any remaining copies are for your records.